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Michael Mendizza


Michael Mendizza is an author, educator, documentary filmmaker, and founder of Touch the Future, a nonprofit learning design center. Discovering what nurturing is—as an experience—is a profound, transformative step in each person’s development. Nurturing is the highest form of compassion and altruism expressed in its most immediate and intimate form, and these qualities are equated with one’s true spiritual development. Mothers are more attuned biologically to this experience, having direct contact with their new babies since conception. Fathers are not as intimately “in touch.” Michael’s latest book, Playful Wisdom, details the lessons he learned from his daughter, Carly, in her first two years. For a limited time, if you order an advanced autographed hard-bound edition of Playful Wisdom, Michael will send an additional softcover as a gift for you to share with a new father. Visit him at