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Michael Arloski, PhD


Dr. Michael Arloski is a licensed psychologist, trainer, consultant and wellness coach with more than 30 years of professional contribution to the wellness industry. He is the author of numerous articles on lifestyle improvement, and has authored Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, largely recognized as the foundational book in the field, and Your Journey to a Healthier Life: Paths of Wellness Guided Journal, Vol. I. He is a member of the National Wellness Institute’s Service and Leadership Circle, founder and president of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, and dean of the Wellness Coach Training Institute. He has presented seminars, keynotes, trainings and consultations on four continents, pursuing his mission of taking the concept of wellness worldwide. “The Ten Tenets of Wellness” was first published in Wellness Management, the newsletter of The National Wellness Association, in 1994.