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John Tuite


John Tuite is a leadership and embodiment teacher, a writer, the founder of the Centre for Embodied Wisdom. A qualified leadership embodiment teacher/coach, he is also the senior instructor of Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors, a centuries-old martial art. John has practiced this tradition since 1974, appearing in documentaries and performing at international gatherings in China. Previously, John taught and led in challenging London schools for 18 years, serving on leadership teams in four schools. John’s writing has appeared in many places, including Huffington Post, the Kindness Blog, The Embodiment Journal and the Integral Leadership Review. Prior to teaching he worked as a builder, an arborist and then a councillor. John now lives in East London with his partner and three children. This article originally appeared in Kindness Blog, a sharing media featuring kindness in all its varied forms. This blog publishes images, videos, real-life-stories, personal reflections, quotes and other various media which all have one special thing in common…kindness. The article is reprinted here with permission.