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Jennifer Barham-Floreani, Chiropractor


Pathways is a refreshing and an empowering magazine for families that is helping to secure the health of future generations. Thank you to everyone at Pathways for your vision and your commitment.”

Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani is a mother of four, chiropractor, business owner and writer. She was recently awarded both Australian Chiropractor of the Year and Victorian Chiropractor of the Year. Jennifer’s work is respectful yet thought-provoking, and encourages parents to define their own health culture. Jennifer is married to a chiropractor and raises her children with strong health principles. Adjusted since birth by her chiropractor father and growing up in one of Australia’s largest chiropractic families, Jennifer is not a recent adoptee of wellness philosophies. She is passionate about holistic parenting, which she believes requires constantly sourcing knowledge on how to nurture her children’s health and well-being and strengthen their life force physically, emotionally and spiritually.