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Jen Groover


Jen is an innovative entrepreneur, product developer and a busy mom. She has always asked the questions, “What if?” and “Why not?” but eventually, instead of waiting, decided to create her own answers.

Jen Groover Productions is a company built on the desire to build innovative products that solve problems. As the holder of many patents and trademarks, Jen believes that everyone has had an idea of how to do something better or differently; but doing so takes courage and perseverance. In creating our products and concepts we want to inspire our consumers to follow their dreams and believe in their visions. We are dedicated to bringing ideas to fruition.

Jen Groover is simply a successful and balanced businesswoman who refuses to pick one box to fit into and instead thrives in all of them. Her religion is that of inspiration, creativity, and perseverance and it is reflected in her mantras “Have more fear or regret than failure” and “What if..? and Why not..?”. Jen will further these messages in the near future with such anticipated offerings as the release of her aptly titled first book, What if..? and Why not..? (for which she has already created and launched a blog of the same name and various television productions that are guaranteed to push the envelope in terms of thought and function.