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Gary Null, PhD


Gary Null, nationally syndicated talk show host & producer of PBS specials, is a consumer advocate, investigative reporter, NY Times best-selling author and an award-winning documentary filmmaker.  Gary believes that, “You must be empowered before you can be whole,” and he empowers all who will listen with life-changing facts that promote wellness.

Gary has conducted over a hundred major investigations and has produced numerous documentaries in which he encourages his viewers to take charge of their lives and health.  Among his dozens of videos are titles like “The Pain, Profit and Politics of AIDS,” “Chronic Fatigue,” “Diet for a Lifetime, and “Cancer, A Natural Approach.”

Gary Null lives the active, healthful life that he advocates. He regularly competes in races and marathons and has trained thousands of people in his “Natural Living Walking and Running Club “to do the same.”