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Caron Goode, PhD


“Do you seek the best practices in health and nutrition for your family? Pathways to Family Wellness provides informative, thought-provoking, and inspiring articles with a dose of common sense in every single issue. Pathways is the best source for healthy lifestyle living for 21st century families.”

Dr. Caron Goode is a psychotherapist, author and inspirational speaker. Gifted with compassion and a deep desire to assist others in living their passionate purpose, Dr. Goode has become a respected leader in the parent coaching industry. In addition to founding and operating the Academy for Coaching Parents International (which trains students in the empowerment model of parent coaching), Dr. Goode has shared her holistic approach to achieving parenting success and managing family relationships in magazines, newspapers and radio. She is the author of twelve books, including The Art and Science of Coaching Parents (2007) and Raising Intuitive Children (2009). Find her here: