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Caitlin Clarke, DC


Caitlin Clarke, D.C., is a perinatal chiropractor, birth biomechanist, craniosacral therapist, birth doula, and birth justice activist. Her practice at Full Moon Birth Center in Santa Cruz, California, is exclusive to perinatal and neonatal clients. Caitlin serves clients and supports births in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, and San Benito counties. Caitlin specializes in working with people planning VBACs, people with a history of trauma, breech, and twin pregnancies, and LGBTQ+ clients. The daughter of a retired homebirth midwife, Caitlin has been immersed in birth culture from a young age. She supported her first doula birth 31 years ago and has been a chiropractor for 23 years. Caitlin is mother of 13-year-old Ryan, who was birthed at home. Ryan was posterior presentation most of her birth, which inspired Caitlin to devote her career to the study and prevention of positional concerns that may influence labor. When Caitlin isn’t supporting birthing families or hanging out with Ryan, you can find her hiking, reading books about birth, and taking pictures of flowers.