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Barry Sultanoff, MD


Barry Sultanoff, M.D. a Charter Member of the American Holistic Medical Association, practices holistic medicine on Maui, Hawaii. His approach to healing emphasizes the power of the creative spirit and the importance of the environment—both physical and interpersonal—in healing. As “Dr. B,” Barry co-hosts a radio program, “The Free Zone,” on Maui’s listener-supported FM 91.5, streamed throughout the world on

Dr. Sultanoff is an international speaker, paddler of Hawaiian canoes, tango dancer, and yogi. His CD, “Dances with Breath, Soulful Steps for a Peaceful Life,” is available for $15 postpaid. You can contact him at 808-575-5089 or at barry@humormatters.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .