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Trust in Nature

By John Ohm

Reclaiming ownership over ourselves and our place in the world is an exciting journey and a liberating path.

Science is about understanding the natural world in which we live. Chiropractic is about affirming our trust in that natural world. We can trust Nature insofar as we can learn to comprehend the meaning and purpose of its manifestations. There is beauty and purpose in each manifestation, though it is invisible to us when we operate from a strictly mechanistic paradigm. Reducing Nature to a randomly generated, material, or chemical machine can be more blinding than we like to admit.

Chiropractic philosophy really expresses an ancient wisdom that respects Nature as more than a machine. Nature is the divine Mother of life, always in support of her living offspring. Nature is in constant communication with life through an innate intelligence that understands each body and soul, capable of supporting the whole of us with a timeless presence and love.

To get a direct feel for this, just imagine the warm, guiding, protective spirit of a mother or grandmother as she bestows the tenderness, love, and encouragement that causes a child to glow. A mother’s innate, loving wisdom is a power of its own, and it extends far and wide even when the child is away. It is a supra-luminous, etheric presence that every child needs to grow and mature.

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