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The Chiropractic Measure of Health

By John Ohm

Humankind’s concept of health and well-being is always evolving. In the past century up to the present day, the primary emphasis over matters of health were materialistic, such as chemistry, potions, remedies, surgical interventions, nutritional regiments, physical exercises, and others. These material concerns are still important for understanding and promoting health.

Moving forward, the emphasis in health is evolving to focus more on the individual human being, and his or her ability to adapt to stress emotionally and mentally. Here, we are elevating above the chemical or physical focus, to focus more on life experiences and stressful challenges.

Chiropractors support the individual’s ability to adapt to stress on all levels, by focusing on the structural alignment of the body to free up neurological function in the nervous system. From this, chiropractors can help support the higher-level functioning of the nervous system which is largely responsible for responding and adapting to life’s everyday emotional stresses.

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