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A Message From the Editor: Love of Birth

By John Ohm

Every birth is a beautiful dance of the two elements of surrender and control. They are the feminine and masculine polarities present in conception and in birth. These elements find their ideal expression in birth when we have a trust for the normal physiology of the body (surrender) and consciousness of how to work through the activity that each birth entails (control). 

In the first half of the 20th century, birth was dominated by a perversion of the masculine element of control—the control was external and imposed. Mothers were sometimes forced to be unconscious, and professionals took over. This form of control was absent of knowledge, respect, or trust for the natural physiology of the body. It led to suffering and a cultural wound that still exists today. 

The pendulum began to swing in the second half of the 20th century, when midwives and women renewed a trust for the birth process to let it happen naturally. Once freed to do so, many families began to re-discover birth, unearthing physical, emotional, and spiritual gifts along the way. Soon, many families wanted a similar experience of a natural birth. 

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