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Nature’s Intelligence

By John Ohm

We are within a momentous shift; awakening how to act in harmony with Nature’s intelligence.

From the article “Balancing the Nervous System to Handle Daily Stressors” (on page 44), Jeanne Ohm writes of this shift, saying: “I believe we are in a cultural transition away from pathogenesis, toward a new model called salutogenesis, where we recognize the source, or foundation, of health as something to be worked with in its own right.”

D.D. Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic, knew that the secret to health and well-being was in the nervous system. This, I believe, will be what the science of our day leads us to recognize, once science is set free. The secret to health is in the nervous system. And the secret of the nervous system is in our relationships—to all things and supporting the beauty that exists beneath the tensions.

Many cultures reflect this idea. Among the Lakota people, we find the greeting, “Mitakuye oyasin,” which translates to “all our relations.” This phrase invites all, upon each encounter, to remember the interconnecting intelligence that births the very harmony, coherence, and love we have the pleasure of experiencing. The nervous system is the physical conduit to the beautiful wisdom of nature’s intelligence that connects all things together. When our nervous systems are free of obstructions, we come to hear Mother Nature’s silent heartbeat. From the soundless presence of her rhythmic song, we become boundless like children, living fully in pure connection to our source.

Jeanne Ohm was a great mother who trusted in others, including first and foremost her children. She knew that if they were connected to their innate intelligence, then their bodies would be in tune with the only thing that harmonizes them with the whole of life. Jeanne walked in synchrony with the power of a larger force that enthuses living beings with a willingness to stand up and make it count. Like few manage, she survived her childhood upbringing without a loss of that willingness. As a chiropractor, she held great expectations for the future of chiropractic, knowing it has the potential to help change the world. As a leader and visionary, Jeanne saw an exciting movement on the horizon. On the basis of the major premise that Life Expresses Intelligence, she envisioned a new paradigm of science and a pathway to freedom for family wellness.

In these pages, you’ll find many articles and past editorials that carry forward her vital message for our present-day world. Jeanne was advancing a living message that is everlasting. May this issue bring hope and courage in our desire to raise the consciousness. And may Jeanne Ohm’s story endlessly serve you in clarifying the voice of inner knowing which guides all things forward.