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Renaissance Seeds

By John Ohm

Chiropractic as a profession has a mission to appeal to the greater well-being that is possible in all of us. In these tumultuous times, chiropractors are fulfilling their mission, offering a place of refuge for millions of people who are fed up and looking for new leaders in healthcare. Chiropractors are facilitators of life. In pregnancy, they help the mother prepare her body for birth. After birth, they take care of the baby’s well-being and the infantmother connection, restoring normal tone to the baby’s delicate spine and nervous system after the stress that birth can bring.

Chiropractors can introduce a vital concept for pregnant moms and fathers awaiting their births—that it is normal and natural to self-learn birth skills to use in the activity of giving birth. Birth skills help us open up and soften amid the pain and intensity of labor. For a father, this idea—that there are skills to learn for birth— is a godsend. It gives direction and purpose to his role as a husband at birth, which leads him, and initiates him, into his role as a father.

Chiropractors have another mission as facilitators of life—to expand the human understanding of the mysteries of health and disease. For this, they are perfectly situated, thanks to their direct relationship working with the nervous system. A truly groundbreaking discovery of the brain and central nervous system has arisen, one that presents a new future in medicine and even a new understanding of what it means to be living biological organisms. It brings consciousness, life experiences, and the emotional side of life into the biochemical equation of health. In a most fascinating way, it unites the two halves of the human being— body and mind. And this new discovery settles the question, beyond any doubt, of how important the nervous system is in the expression of health and disease.

These two worlds that chiropractors have been fated to explore and play a leading role in—of birth preparation and of guarding a truly holistic model of well-being for families— represent the nucleus of the chiropractic profession and its future. And, I dare say, the future of healthcare. I believe chiropractors will be seen by future generations as having been pivotal in a historical turning point that gave way to a new chapter in science—a chapter that should be given the title Conscious Biology.

So despite all the moral indignation and labels that are spewed against new truths in order to defend and perpetuate “old principles” (labels that are flying around in all directions across all mediums of discourse), I can say with great hope and courage that we can begin to take heart. We are on the brink of a renaissance, and the seeds of a new enlightenment have been planted. We may even take up a playful spirit in celebration, once again. For times are exciting as well as intense, and life is short… yet life flows eternally from the above-down, and from the inside-out. And I know this is the reason why my mother and mentor, Jeanne Ohm, would often say: “What we want to do is play.”