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Imagining Birth

By John Ohm

Birth is a living being. Human connection is her vibrant soul. The birth stories we share are her vivid mind. And the glow of a pregnant mother is her perfect body.

Birth is intelligent, and adaptable. She’s stirred into expression by our love. We invite her to transform us whenever we deepen our intuition—women and men alike. Through this loving act, we compel her to raise humanity onto a path of new beginnings. She can teach us how to reconnect as a species. She can show us how to envision and set course for the future. And she helps nurture the spiritual values inherent in the wisdom of the ages.

Upon us, a great correction is taking place in the heart of mankind. Such a correction can be like an earthquake releasing an underlying tension. It allows the human imagination to open and explore the world with newfound freedom. Nature’s design is guiding this momentous change in all of us. In ancient Greece, the word for correction was diorthosis. It meant the act or process of straightening something, especially a deformity. When I imagine the world “corrected,” I at once see childbirth renewed to its natural habitat. I see fearful anxiety melted away by great expectations. And I see a worldwide paradigm of control crumbled down, so a fertile garden of calm beauty can take its place.

Confidence comes when we know how to do what lies ahead of us. In childbirth, mothers and fathers can learn how to honor birth by learning skills to prepare for, cope with, and maneuver through the various stages of labor. We can lighten our minds through conversations with lion-hearted parents who have gone before us. With a generated confidence, our hearts will be free to do the still, magnetic work of guiding us toward Nature’s deeper wisdom. Here we will find a greater expression of normal physiology, as well as a profound trust in ourselves, our partner, and our child in the womb.

Our lives are limited only by our imagination. For Nature, autumn comes while seeds remain in the ground, and winter’s cold covers over the land in a blanket of stillness. In beautiful silence, she begins to imagine the greens of spring, the flowers of the meadow, and the blossoming leaves of the forest. In her imagination she makes it so, and soon it becomes a living reality.

So it is that the presence of childbirth carries the seeds of a new era and a higher consciousness on Earth. We are here to imagine it.