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The Power Of Change

By John Ohm

“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the hour.” These prophetic words came from the Hopi Elders 20 years ago. They captured the emotions and anticipation of a world amid an unprecedented shift in society and technology that would change the way we relate to each other in just a few short years. However, there is a deeper shift at work, one that has the power to unleash our innate intelligence and connect us in ways that are true to our magical human spirit.

A central component of the Pathways to Family Wellness lifestyle is the relevance of chiropractic care. Chiropractic is the leading alternative form of healthcare in the Western world. But the tendency to call it “alternative” highlights a fascinating truth: that chiropractic has yet to step into and achieve what it was created to do. A little-known aspect of chiropractic is that it was conceived with the intention to do more than correct nervous system patterns that underlie disease. Such corrections, when they occur, are really side benefits. The bigger picture in chiropractic is about freeing our innate intelligence and humanity’s greater potential.

There is a form of medicine we all know very well today that we call traditional medicine. People are waking up rapidly to the fact that this medicine, while originally aligned to the Hippocratic Oath, has been woefully hijacked by moneyed interests who seek something altogether different from human well-being and the fulfillment of our potential as a species. That chiropractors are officially “doctors” comes at the dismay of this medical establishment, which seeks a monopoly on our healthcare and resulting way of life.

What is occurring now is a sacred transition in the consciousness of the world at large, which recognizes the need for a new kind of doctor and a new kind of medicine, one that takes the scientific discoveries of the last 300 years regarding biochemistry and physiology and harmonizes them with the macro-scale wonders of human experience, perception, and relationships. The nervous system has always been the bridge between these two worlds, and chiropractors are perfectly situated to help bring this harmony into its ultimate fruition.

At the heart of this movement, and its most exciting aspect, is what it means for the achievement of an empowered birth. What an incredible thing this is, for there is no greater way to honor health and the future of humanity than to see its origins in childbirth lifted to new heights. And this opens the way to what this deeper shift is all about.

Many have recognized that we are now in the midst of a collective birth in society, and that we have two options as the pressure builds. We can honor the truth that we have within us—a natural, innate intelligence that guides us, just as it guides and directs the interconnected web of life on Earth. If we trust in it, it will show us the way. Or we can choose to trust in an authority to direct us when the hour draws near—to manage the process according to hierarchical procedure, and on the basis of technology control the outcome.

At this time in history it’s important that we remember a salient lesson we receive from the wisdom of birth— that it’s the quality of connection between every human being that’s present, including the mother and her unborn child, which motivates the child to venture forth from the womb. It’s this same loving connection throughout life that will determine that child’s growth and maturation. In honor of the collective birth that’s possible, we can come to appreciate as parents and as a species that, in the words of the Hopi Elders: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

We all can look forward to something our ancestors knew without a shadow of doubt, that there is a sacred power inherent in us that grows and protects our family. It’s the power of our connection, the power of the divine feminine, and the amazing power of transformation that every birth brings. Many years of history have tried to obscure this from us, and it has reached its highest pitch as we approach a most pivotal time in our human evolution. Now is the time to confront the façades of fear and doubt that have been cast upon us, and together gain the world that awaits us in celebration when we step beyond them.

In this issue, we have sought to provide materials relevant specifically to children’s education and family bonding. We understand that these two components, maturation and connection, are inseparable. The hope we share with you, which is fundamentally the hope of the chiropractic way of life, is for each child to reach his or her greatest potential. With knowledge and support, we can make this happen. All we really need to know for ourselves is this: that we are big enough, strong enough, and mom and dad enough. Once we establish this knowing, our children will have little else to do but blossom.