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A Message From Our Editor, Issue #42 – Celebrating The Shift

By Jeanne Ohm, DC

This year we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. What began as a dream to integrate, communicate and expand the rising awareness that we are conscious, self-healing beings has evolved into an award-winning magazine with an enthusiastic, expanding readership and more than 350 international community groups called Pathways Connect. How is it that a magazine turned into a movement, becoming a contributing force in the world’s mounting paradigm shift to conscious choice?

During my more than 30 years of clinical experience, I, like many chiropractors, their families and patients, have witnessed the amazing ability of a person to heal, regenerate and experience an improved quality of life when nerve-system function is enhanced.

Science offers evidence that everything we experience is processed through the nerve system. When we embrace that, we can start to see how all aspects of our lives are dependent on a healthy, functioning nerve system. Simply put, if there is stress on the nerve system, our perception of the world becomes distorted. If our perception is skewed, our ability to express life fully is compromised. Whereas chiropractic adjustments are more widely known for their effects in physical healing, emotional, mental and social well-being are also improved when nerve-system stress is reduced.

The initial purpose of Pathways, therefore, was to advance public understanding with the perspective, knowledge and science to substantiate the importance of the nerve system in the expression and evolution of our human potential: physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

Thus began the exciting task of selecting relevant topics to offer suggestions and perspectives for our readers to become aware of the life and healing principles that have guided chiropractors for more than a hundred years: reduce interference to our vital nerve system and increase its capacity to allow the innate wisdom of the body to self-heal and express life.

From pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood, Pathways covers issues on parenting, holistic care, nutrition and sustainability with the emerging sciences to substantiate the relationship between our nervesystem input and function and its relationship to our innate capacity for healing. Pathways provides a greater awareness of lifestyle choices and practices that enhance our families’ health, well-being and greater life expression. With Pathways, we have brought together congruent practitioners and parents across the healing spectrum, creating a unified movement toward more conscious living: respect and trust in our innate ability to fulfill our human potential.

This fall we are joining together to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and the thriving paradigm-shifting movement Pathways partakes in. In November, just outside of Washington, D.C., we are coming together for four days in an event called Freedom for Family Wellness. Our previous weekends offered an opportunity for parents, practitioners, and authors to dynamically participate in their personal and professional growth. Sometimes called “Pathways Live” by its participants (or, more recently, “Freedom Fest”), this weekend will give the opportunity for our growing community to connect, collaborate and, most important, celebrate the shift to conscious choice.