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A Message From Our Editor, Issue #01 – Let’s Grow Together

By Jeanne Ohm, DC

Let’s Grow Together

We hope you enjoy our new look for our ICPA magazine. We will be sending it out quarterly / seasonally. For future issues we will be offering you the opportunity to purchase additional copies for your patients. Please stay tuned to our Ped Ex e-news updates for ordering information.

Another project we are launching on your behalf is additional advertising in major national publications. We have had such an overwhelming response from our members and the public about our ad in Mothering Magazine and the traffic to our Membership Referral Directory has increased significantly. We feel if we can advertise in publications like Parenting and/or Child, we will be reaching a larger audience on your behalf. Our goal remains consistent with yours—children need chiropractic care and parents need to know about this!Our only challenge with this is the cost. Major publications are beyond our financial capabilities at this time. I was discussing this at a recent seminar, and explaining we will be needing additional funding from our members to launch this campaign. One of our members, Dr. Jason Nobles, stood up and brought me a check for $1,000 saying, please let me be the first to contribute to this project. I will help in any way I can—this is not happening anywhere else in chiropractic and we need it!

I have opened a special account just for this purpose and we are accepting funds to get this project underway. One year’s worth of advertising in a major publication costs approximately $40,000. We need all of your participation and are launching a special fund raiser to meet the needed goals. We would like our first ad to be in this fall issue so our final donation deadline is June 30, 2004. Please realize he impact this will have on our practice, the profession and of course, the children.

The Board of Directors wants to thank each and every one of your for your on-going support and enthusiasm for the ICPA and its growth. We want to acknowledge that your continued participation is the reason for our growth and we sincerely appreciate you. As practitioners ourselves, we strive to meet your expectations and needs in your own communities as you work with more and more families. Please consider yourself a part of our family and let’s grow together in research, training, education and service.