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Celebrating the Shift to Conscious Choice: Highlights of the 2010 Freedom for Family Wellness Summit
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Pearce, who was born in 1926 in Kentucky, has spent his lifetime exploring his own mystical experiences in meditation and through scholarly research. Pearce shared memories of his childhood, including a confession to his sister that he was “homesick, even as I sat in my parents’ living room listening to the long vibration of notes from the piano.” He told the harrowing story of being picked up by high winds and blown about the desert when he was a young man, and then deciding that “God was playing with me.” After this experience, Pearce entered an ashram, where he meditated for 10 years on the bond between the head and the heart. In the end, he said, he learned there is only one heart: “It is the same one beating in me as in you, but there are billions of egos in the head.”

Pearce’s lifelong quests have led him to exotic and shrouded spiritual centers around the world. He described watching monks, after weeks of deep preparation, walk through fire pits that would melt aluminum or incinerate a nonbeliever. He spoke about friends who gave up eating food (indefinitely) after a specific ritual cleansing of their bodies. As he described this unlimited potential, waiting just on the other side of a shift in awareness, he quoted a friend who had spent decades in the company of a rainforest tribe: “We have no idea what we have lost.” Our connection to the divine, to our natural potential and our true destiny, is blocked only by the illusion presented by the limited, materialistic worldview, based on a now-disproven 500-year-old model of science.

Pearce’s integrated, scholarly work led to the revelation that active, imaginative play is the most important of all childhood activities, because it cultivates a mastery of one’s environment and, as an adult, the ability to create one’s own reality. He also believes that child-parent bonding is important, and blames both a lack of breastfeeding and modern childbirth as obstructive to that bonding. You can read more about Pearce’s belief in our “Amazing Capacities and Self-Imposed Limitations” in his interview with Michael Mendizza on page 20.

So, how do we get there from here? And what are the practical tools needed to make the shift and apply its insights to our daily lives?

Joe Dispenza, D.C., author of Evolve Your Brain and featured in the far-reaching movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?, offered us Ten Quantum Laws to Liberate Young Minds and Hearts. His ability to bring practical application to quantum science riveted the audience for two hours.

To help us take the message home, day four of the summit offered twenty workshops with a variety of tools for cultivating mindfulness, community and wellness, featuring practitioners and authors who brought hands-on experience and lived wisdom to propel the celebration of our shift to conscious choice into our personal and family living.

One of the many tools for bringing the celebration home is the new Pathways Connect program, a community education and outreach program made possible through the collaborative resources of Pathways to Family Wellness and the 12-year-old nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living. The simple, turnkey tools of Pathways Connect, with its Gathering Guide, monthly group teleconferences and online discussion boards, are designed to jump-start a self-directed Gathering Group. Pathways Connect’s Discussion Questions and Resource Guide is intended to help shift our thinking out of fear and dependency toward confidence and sustainability of the wholistic paradigm. Practitioners who wish to start a Pathways Connect Gathering Group can sign up at

As many presenters over this epic summit illustrated, the shift to conscious choice is ongoing, with or without our participation or awareness of its impact in our lives. As individuals and society moves from the unsustainable worldviews of materialistic science and industrialism toward a sustainable worldview of interconnected wholism and full human potential, there are sure to be challenges. But for those who are aware, there will be more reasons to celebrate.

If you didn’t get to join us for this celebration, there are audio recordings available through the ICPA website. Outstanding presenters are already confirming for the next Summit, to be held in two years. We look forward to meeting you there…and always on our pathways to family wellness!

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