Top 10 Things My Children Taught Me

Author // Maria Whitworth

…about how to ensure a long and strong relationship with your kids.

10. Drop your assumptions that you know what’s best for them.

9. Facilitate, but don’t meddle.

8. Hold off on giving your opinion while you’re feeling a negative response.

7. Only use time-outs on yourself.

6. Allow them room to fix their own situations. You can suggest what you might do for yourself if it was you in their shoes. But don’t fix it for them.

5. Don’t get too enamored with or emotionally invested in what you see as your child’s talents and gifts.

4. Listen and learn. Get to know your kids, and marvel when they show you new ways to see things.

3. Wean yourself from any self-imposed schedule addiction. Experience the guilt-free pleasure of living with flexibility, inspiration and openness.

2. Respect your child’s ideas, judgment and inherent wisdom. You can only do that when you respect your own ideas, judgment and inherent wisdom.

1. In any situation, ask yourself: How would I respond if this were my best (adult) friend?

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