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A Heart-to-Heart Network

A coherent heart affects the brain-wave pattern not only of the person achieving coherence, but also of any person with whom it comes into contact. While direct skin-to-skin contact has the greatest effect on brain function, mere proximity elicits changes. A sender’s coherent heart-field is measurable not only in a receiving person’s electroencephalogram, but also in his or her entire electromagnetic field.

When people touch or are in close proximity, a transference of their heart’s electromagnetic energy occurs, and the two fields begin to entrain or resonate with each other. The result is a combined wave created by a combination of the original waves. This combined wave has the same frequency as the original waves but an increased amplitude. Both its power and depth are increased. The signal of transfer is sometimes, but not always, detected as flowing in both directions; this depends to a great extent on the context of the transfer and the orientation of the sender. When a person projects a heart-coherent field filled with caring, love, and attention, living organisms respond to the information in the field by becoming more responsive, open, affectionate, animated, and closely connected.

The effect of caring on outcomes in healing has been stressed in a great many cultures and types of healing professions. Healing practitioners who consciously produce coherence in the electromagnetic field of their hearts create a field that can be detected by other living systems and their biological tissues. This field is then amplified and used by the organism detecting it to shift biological function. When these loving, practitionergenerated fields are detected and (naturally) amplified by ill people, healing rates of wounds are increased, pain decreases, hemoglobin levels shift, DNA alters, and new psychological states manifest.

The best outcomes are dependent on the state of mind of the healer. We should attach importance to the kind of intention a practitioner has as he or she works. The more caring the practitioner, the more coherence there will be in their electromagnetic field, and the better the healing will be.

When we are cared for or care for others, the heart releases an entirely different cascade of hormonal and neurotransmitter substances than it does in other, less hopeful circumstances. More immunoglobulin A, or IgA, is also released, stimulating the health and immune action of mucous membrane systems throughout the body.

The receiver’s receptivity to the practitioner’s heart field also plays a part in the outcome. The more open he or she is to receiving caring, the more he or she will entrain with an external electromagnetic field. However, the elegance of the practitioner in creating and directing a coherent electromagnetic field to the patient is of more importance than the sufferer’s receptivity. In addition, the practitioner generated field must be continually adjusted.

The more accustomed people become to responding to coherent electromagnetic fields generated through a practitioner’s heart, the more rapidly they are able to physiologically respond when they detect a coherent electromagnetic field. The more interaction two living organisms have, the more imprinting occurs on their hearts, the more alteration there is in their electromagnetic fields, and the more shifts occur in their heart function.

Since this element of healing is almost absent in conventional, technological medicine, patients are not used to responding to coherent electromagnetic fields as part of their healing. In fact, the electromagnetic field of most medical healers is extremely incoherent, since they have been trained to use their brains to the exclusion of their hearts. The ill are immersed in incoherent electromagnetic fields throughout their healing process in hospitals, which, in and of itself, is a strong contributing element to the kinds of outcomes hospitals and physicians produce.

Incoherence vs. Coherence

The heart-based way of living takes into account that everything is part of an interconnected Wholeness. This interconnected aspect of consciousness increases the feelings of empathy, compassion, and love among humanity’s part of this grand field. It seems as if the process of evolution itself, initiated and formulated by whatever processes of reality began it all, are focused and directed towards strengthening the aspects of reality we have come to know as interconnectedness and oneness. Evidence of this can be seen in many places. One such place is in the sphere of incoherence and coherence.

Incoherence, such as when a person feels stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear, generates chaotic and incoherent signals in the heart that go to the brain and trigger stressful responses. The heart and brain fall out of alignment, and as a result the solutions to personal or world problems are not readily found. These negative emotions are registered in the heart and brain’s electromagnetic fields and generate a global stress and incoherence wave that radiates outward into those around us and to those all over the world.

Negative stress and incoherence are intensified by catalysts such as instant mass media reports of situations of suffering such as natural disasters, social upheaval, economic turmoil, and more. Incoherence brings about negative results and, because of this, demonstrates that the opposite—coherence—is what the process of consciousness evolution prefers.

When a person feels genuine hope, caring, and compassion, his or her heart sends out harmonious and coherent signals to the brain, replacing feelings of separation and solitude with a sense of connectedness and oneness. The heart and brain are aligned and in sync. There is harmony. The higher cortical functions are enhanced, facilitating objective, sober assessment and intuitive perception. A person can perceive more wholeness, and solutions to problems become more apparent.

On a collective level, balanced emotions such as hope, will, caring, compassion, and appreciation generate a global coherence wave whose electromagnetic field goes out into those around us and all over the world. The intentional increasing of the heart-mind alignment and the focusing on a heart-centered way of life have the potential to create a global coherence wave to facilitate new solutions for the problems and issues that the world faces today.

Now that you know about the incredible impact our hearts and their electromagnetic energy fields have on ourselves and others, use this information to your advantage and create coherence with those around you, enhancing not only your life but the lives of others, and ultimately society as a whole.

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