The Raging War on Vaccine Choice: Is 2011 the Make or Break Year? - Protect Your Right to Vaccine Exemptions

Author // Barbara Loe Fisher

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The Raging War on Vaccine Choice: Is 2011 the Make or Break Year?
Protect Your Right to Vaccine Exemptions
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Protect Your Right to Vaccine Exemptions

In March 2011, Washington state residents’ vaccine exemption rights were gutted. It is now the law in Washington state that every year every parent who wants to file and receive a religious or philosophical exemption for a child must consult a medical practitioner and get a signed statement that he or she has been educated. Proponents have said behind the scenes that they want to eliminate the philosophical exemption altogether, but we will be ready.

NVIC’s online Advocacy Portal launched last November; it is helping Americans organize and fight to protect the integrity of the medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions to vaccination in state health laws. The Advocacy Portal is a unique interactive online education and communication tool, and is provided as a free public service for all Americans to keep up to date and learn how to counteract coordinated, serious attacks on state vaccine exemptions.

The Greater Good Documentary World Premiere

While Americans watched their civil right to informed choice being plundered this past spring, the world premiere of a new feature documentary on vaccination, The Greater Good, was held in the Angelika Film Center at the Dallas Film Festival on April 2nd. The movie was produced by award-winning film directors, editors, animators and photographers, and has been nominated by the Dallas Film Festival for the Silver Heart Award and the Tar- get Documentary Competition. The film was also screened at the Arizona International Film Festival, at Lincoln Center in New York City, and at Autism One in Chicago.

The Greater Good centers on three families whose lives have been changed by vaccine reactions, and features interviews with pediatricians, public health officials, scientists, consumer activists, attorneys and vaccine developers. NVIC’s work and perspective on vaccine safety and informed consent issues is included in the film. In a statement of purpose, film producers Leslie Manookian Bradshaw, Kendall Nelson and Chris Pilaro, said, “These days, vaccination ranks alongside religion and politics as one of those subjects ‘not to dis- cuss around the Thanksgiv- ing table.’ The Greater Good aims to change that. The film takes a step back from the recent divisiveness, discusses the issue’s complexity and nuances, and brings the bigger picture into focus. We strive to create a safe space to bring rational and reasonable ideas back to this impor- tant discussion.”

We Cannot Be Afraid

There is no time to waste. If we don’t learn from history, we will repeat it. We cannot be afraid to empower ourselves as a free people and make our democracy work.

We can win back the freedom we have lost and take control of our health and the future of America. We can do it if we are as brave as those freedom-loving men and women who founded America two centuries ago.

Be the one to stand up today to make sure that your children and grandchildren and all Americans will not live under tyranny tomorrow.

No forced vaccination.

Not in America.

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