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Author // Larry Palevsky, MD

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No Safe Level

I continued to be exposed to new information and experiences while working in the conventional medical world. The moment that had the greatest impact on me, and continues to fuel my scientific inquiry to this day, was when I learned in 1997 that vaccines contained mercury. I had been working with children for a dozen years, since I was a third-year medical student in 1985, but I had never thought to question the ingredients in vaccines. I don’t even remember our instructors mentioning how the vaccines were made or what they contained.

There is no health benefit for any child to be injected with even the tiniest amount of mercury, no matter what disease we are trying to prevent. Mercury is a neurotoxin, and can poison other organ systems as well, whether it is injected or ingested. There is no such thing as a safe level. I continued reading vaccine package inserts to find that, along with mercury, vaccines contained aluminum, formaldehyde, gelatin, antibiotics, polysorbate-80, yeast, human and animal cells, live and killed viral particles and other chemicals, some of which are known carcinogens in lab animals.

In the world of conventional medicine, vaccines are heralded to have saved many lives from infectious diseases and possibly even death. Yet questions remain. Is there a cost to giving our children vaccines, with an ever-increasing vaccine schedule? Are the side effects of vaccines fewer and less severe than the likelihood of serious complications or death from any of the infectious illnesses we vaccinate children against? Do any of the vaccine ingredients, and the contaminants that sneak into the vials, damage the immune and nervous systems of our children after they are injected?

How do individual vaccine ingredients affect children’s bodies? We don’t know. How do their properties change when they interact with each other upon injection? We don’t know. Most importantly, how great a load of these chemicals do infants receive, how many of the ingredients are toxic, and what are infants and children able to detoxify at any stage of their development? We don’t know. What are they unable to detoxify that might accumulate in their bodies over time? Does this accumulation impair any of their proper brain, immune or nervous system functions? We don’t know.

As a scientist, I wanted to know the answers to these questions. I was, and am, amazed that the science to answer these questions does not exist. The science we do know, which sheds light on the dangers of vaccines, is kept out of the public eye to protect the vaccine program. The rigid standards we were taught in medical school are not adhered to when vaccine studies are conducted. What disturbs me most is how few in the medical and scientific community are interested in finding out the answers to these questions. Thankfully, parents have been, and will continue to be, the force behind getting doctors and scientists to provide the answers to these questions and making sure they become public knowledge.

A Parent’s Choice

I began to meet parents who believed their children were damaged by vaccines. I also began to meet parents who were afraid to inject these ingredients into their children. Some came to my office having been thrown out of their pediatrician’s office for even questioning the safety or efficacy of vaccines. Many expressed an interest in choosing which vaccines they wanted for their children and which they did not. Others wanted to delay them or spread them out. Most parents wanted an empathetic ear, and did not find it in their physicians.

Many did not trust the science behind the vaccine safety and efficacy studies, and with good reason. They were learning how crude and unclean the vaccine manufacturing process was. Parents were also learning about the influences of special interests on vaccine policies and manufacturing. A growing number of them expressed an interest in holistic and alternative medicine, emerging with a different view of health, wellness, illness and healing than what is forced upon us by conventional medical culture. Somehow, they were learning that vaccines were not always the best and only way of preventing illness in their children.

Clearly, my training was challenged by my newfound education and exposure. Who was I supposed to listen to and believe? As a young resident, I remember my mentors expressing how important it was to listen to parents. “Who knows the children better than their parents, especially their mothers?” they would say. Yet so many parents were witnessing the regression and decline of their children’s health soon after the administration of single or multiple vaccines, only to be ignored, refuted and belittled for even thinking that the events were related. I chose to trust the parents, and believe what they were saying.

Vaccine adjuvants, ingredients and contaminants, along with the very process of injection of foreign materials, interfere with the natural development of balanced, healthy immune systems in our children. Scientific evidence is mounting linking vaccines to the development of chronic debilitating medical conditions. If we are willing to understand the contributing and causative factors that bring on acute and chronic diseases in children, we must include a discussion about the potential side effects of single or multiple vaccine administration and the cumulative effect they have on a child’s immune and nervous systems. The medical and scientific communities continue to avoid a public discussion. The party line remains: Vaccines are safe, effective, necessary and unrelated in any way to the onset of serious health complications.

Parents want to learn ways to keep their children’s immune systems strong. I like to start from the premise that newborns already have a strong immune system, which gets stronger still if we don’t interfere with their innate capacity to heal. Our job is to rear our children by avoiding things that weaken their immune systems. We need to improve our children’s nutrition by encouraging a whole foods diet for the whole family, reducing the temptation to eat processed, packaged and artificial foods and beverages (not to mention dairy, soy, flour products and processed sugars), and by using water as our main beverage.

Teachers, parents and other family members can increase their awareness of how stress and exposures to environmental toxins can affect our health. Parents can begin to learn about the benefits of holistic healing practices for prevention, maintenance and safe treatment and support of childhood ailments. Fear of worst-case scenarios can be transformed into empowerment through proper education.

The impetus to use over-the-counter and prescription medication can be great when a child is sick. No one likes to watch children in discomfort. However, the fewer suppressive medications and injected toxins we prescribe, and the more we allow children to experience many of their acute childhood illnesses, the greater the likelihood that they will develop balanced, mature and healthy immune systems. Let children be sick, and watch them get well.

Lawrence PalevksyAbout the Author:

Author, lecturer and educator Dr. Larry Palevsky is a board-certified pediatrician who utilizes an integrative approach to children’s wellness and illness. Dr. Palevsky is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, past president of the American Holistic Medical Association, co-founder and president of the Holistic Pediatric Association ( and a diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Dr. Palevsky maintains pediatric consultation practices in Northport, Long Island and Manhattan.

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