The Power of Color

Author // Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

Humankind is moving out of the mind and more into a feeling, sensing and knowing experience. Children are very aware of this. They feel, sense and know their way through life. They also know what some healers know: that the use of color is a very powerful way to heal, balance and connect.

Each color has its own purpose. Colors can be used for balancing, grounding, healing, protection and connecting to source energy. Colors affect moods and emotions. Ancient Egyptians used colored panes of glass in their roofs. When the sun shone through the colored glass, they would sit in the colorful, healing rays. Nowadays we have special lights that produce similar effects. We paint rooms in our home with certain colors to portray a particular feeling or look. Sometimes we pick through multiple pieces of clothing to find the right color for our day.

Here are some simple ways you can use color in your home with your children:

  • Let your child pick his color of shirt that day.

  • Provide different color scarves to play with or wrap themselves in.

  • Have different color blankets available to pick from.

  • Mix sea salt and different color therapy oils to create a colorful bath.

  • Paint their bedroom, playroom and bathroom colors to stimulate different needs.

  • Supply a basket of sunglasses with different color lenses.

  • Let your child express herself through coloring, drawing or painting with a wide range of colors.

  • Take a meditation time out, and mentally walk your child through a soft visualization of climbing a ladder of colors, swimming in different color water or breathing in different colors.

  • Learn about the human energy field and chakras.

Colors have their own frequencies and vibrations that relate to certain areas in the body, as do music and imagery. Combine all three and you have a very powerful trio. Here are some of the meanings and uses of common colors.


Charges the energy field, brings peace and comfort, takes away pain. Connects us to our truth.

Dark Blue

Calms nerves and elevates the consciousness. Creates sleepy, philosophical discussions.


Calming, and protects against
negativity. Balances friendship
and stimulates romance. (Obviously you’re not stimulating romance for your kids, but it’s good for mom and dad to know.)


Stimulates a working environment, and focuses the easily distracted. Works with the intellect and helps clear a foggy head.


Psychic protection.
Helps us have a deeper
connection to the spirit.


Purges the energy field.


Nurturing, balancing, general healing. Use as a physical healing shield.


Passion, strong feelings, love.
Charges energy fields. Burns out
diseases and warms cold areas.


Cooling, calming, shielding. Helps with teaching and sensitivity.


Ambition, increases immunity,
charges the energy field.


Connects us to our higher selves and to our creator. Connects to mankind, service and divine love.


Opens up communication, strong
purging of energy fields.


Helps form a deeper connection
to spirit, opens the third eye and clears your head.


Helps move a person into
his or her task.

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