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Parenting Paradoxy

Today my 3-year-old accidentally created a kind of Zen koan, and she discovered the joy of paradoxy in the process. Her new game goes like this:

Where's My Center

A closer look at child-centered parenting and the Continuum Concept. We were clueless. That, in a nutshell, describes how much my wife and I knew about parenthood when we started on this path....

Also labeled: Issue #49, Parenting

The Wild Child

Domesticated animals confined to farms, zoos, and similar unnatural habitats lack a certain “spark” found in their wild counterparts. They’ve been bred or trained to live apart from their nature. They’ve adjusted to their lack of freedom...

Also labeled: Issue #11, Parenting

The 5-Minute Solution

The scene: I was working diligently at the computer in my home office when my 2.5-year-old daughter, Willow, approached my desk and grabbed a pile of 4x6-inch photos that I had carelessly left within her reach. These pictures of our older daughter...

Also labeled: Issue #10, Parenting