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A Message from our Editor, Issue #65 - Lionhearted Mother

The fear of failure is a pressing issue, and when it is present, it weighs down every aspect of life. It can show its face at any time. We know the difficult feeling in the question “What if I fail?” But what does failure even mean?

A Healthy Nervous System

Understanding Dis-ease From Another PerspectiveDisease is not something to be feared, but rather understood as a natural adaptation to negative stress. Many people think that the flu season, for example, is like a game of roulette—that it’s a...

Children and Vegetables

“Why do we have to eat vegetables, of all things, to be healthy?” In all honesty, this common sentiment of our children usually varies very little from our own opinion about the matter. Before approaching the aim of improving our nut...

Our Childhood Language

The importance of reconnecting to our solar plexus reaches far into the depths of our well-being. Within our navel center there exists an entire mechanism for understanding the world and for coping with the physical stresses of life.