Issue 54 - Summer 2017 - Article Resources

Issue 54 - Summer 2017 - Article Resources

Simple Choice

Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

Playful Wisdom

Michael Mendizza

  • Touch the Future:

  • Mendizza, Michael. Playful Wisdom, A Father’s Adventure: What I Learned from Carly Our First Two Years. 2017

Authenticity: Rejecting the Job Model of Parenting for a Freer World

Roslyn Ross

Ambition Addiction: How to Go Slow, Give Thanks, and Discover Joy Within

Benjamin Shalva

Inner Freedom

Peter Russell, MA

The Guy on the Plane

Jeff Sabo

The Question that Changed the Way I Parent Forever

Lishele Wigand

5 Myths About Young People And Social Media: A New Book Exposes Widely Held Beliefs About New Technology

Peter Gray, Ph.D.

What Is “Unconditionality”?

Scott Noelle

The Heart-Brain Connection

Contributed by the HeartMath Institute

The Magic of Intuition Is Not Magic

Joe Dispenza, DC

Can Chiropractic Improve How the Body Handles Stress?

Adam Ries, DC

Understanding Stress

Christopher Kent, DC

How to Reboot Your Nervous System for Optimum Performance

Bradley Kobsar, DC

  • Kobsar, Bradley. How to Reboot Your Nervous System for Optimum Performance. E-book.

Children and Vegetables

John Marc

The View from the Country

Sam Fisher

(No Resources)

If Making Love Were Treated Like Birth - A Sadly Hilarious Video

Fiona Peacock

Home Birth: Our Journey to Sanity

Andrew Glanville, DC

(No Resources)


Jon Rappoport

The Vaccine Revolution for Truth

Barbara Loe Fisher

  • National Vaccine Information Center - Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice:

  • Revolution for Truth Rally. Washington DC. March 31, 2017.

Safety First: Uniting Our Passion in the Vaccine Divide

Janaiah von Hassel

World Mercury Project

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.