Media Review: What Babies Want: An Exploration of the Consciousness of Infants on DVD


Narrated by Noah Wyle, What Babies Want is a documentary that revolutionizes how we perceive the beginning of life. The documentary vividly illustrates the effects that environment and early experiences have on a baby’s physical and mental health, and how those experiences reverberate into adulthood and affect our society and culture as well. Through the insights of early development experts, case studies, and multicultural customs we come to learn not only What Babies Want, but what people want and need.

The film What Babies Want makes a social statement. Although this documentary is filled with information about the consciousness of infants, it also shows how what happens to us as infants is reflected throughout our lives. As Joseph Chilton Pearce says, we have an opportunity to put an end to violence just in the way that we treat our mothers and infants during the pregnancy and first 3 years of that infant’s life.

Research into bioneurology is converging with research into the field of psychology. What this means is that we finally have scientific evidence that the brain and in fact the entire body of the infant forms, develops and grows in response to the environment. If the environment is hostile the person forms in a defensive way and develops a defensive hypervigilant nervous system and endocrine system so that it can survive the environment it finds itself in.

If the environment is loving then the person has the opportunity to form and develop a more flexible and creatively open nervous system. To quote Joe Pearce again, at every developmental point, the infant asks, “Can we go for more intelligence, or do we have to defend ourselves again?” We believe that the way we bring our babies into the world from preconception on, makes a huge difference in the way they will be able to access their authentic selves. If a person is met with love and is acknowledged as a person with legitimate feelings and needs, that person will be able to respond with a sense of good self-esteem, and an ability to care for self and others.

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Debby Takikawa, Director, graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1985, and practiced family chiropractic with an emphasis on infant attachment issues for 18 years. In 2000 Debby founded the non-profit organization, Beginnings Inc., A Resource Center for Children and Families, in order to further her work with infants and educate others. She also set out on a project to make a short educational video to help families understand the issues involved with infant relationship development. Four years later she has produced and directed not a short educational video, but rather a film of great power and consequence. Debby states, “I started out on a little walk and ended up in a spellbinding flight into the human psyche.” Read more at:

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