Bear Wisdom: Reconnecting with Mama and Papa Bear - Grounding: An Antidote to Fear

Author // Teresa Robertson, C.N.M., M.S., Birth Intuitive™

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Grounding: An Antidote to Fear

The first step in the process of connecting with your intuition (your inner knowing) is to ground. Grounding is a tool that places us in present time—the now, this moment—and thereby aids us in creating a safe container.

I like to think of grounding as the ultimate laundry chute, allowing me to easily and safely release any thoughts or feelings that no are longer needed.

Grounding enables us to create a pause in the fear/need-to-control cycle, and thereby helps us to cultivate a deep knowing and feeling of how to authentically create safety and trust.

Grounding only takes a moment. Once you understand how to use it, and feel its power, you will start integrating this tool into every facet of your life. I ground my car while driving, my date book in anticipation of a busy day, and the phone before I pick it up.

Grounding is a powerful tool to use in labor.

To ground, imagine your feet connecting to the stream of life force from the Earth. You can imagine connecting to the stream of life, nourishment and clarity from anywhere in the planet. You have two feet, so you can draw the energy up from two different areas.

As you inhale, imagine breathing this current up through your feet and legs, allowing it to settle at the base of your spine (your perineum). You can imagine drawing colors, symbols or concepts—clarity, peace, joy, nourishment—from the Earth, as well.

From this space, feel and imagine the energy swirling around in the center or core of your perineum.

From the center of this energy, imagine creating a grounding structure— tree roots, a waterfall, a tube, an anchor, a slide—to grow out from the center until it has grown to 2 to 4 feet wide. As you exhale, be aware of this structure connecting back to the Earth.

As you breathe in, be aware of receiving this energy. And as you exhale, be aware of releasing anything that is safe and comfortable for your system to release, such as stress, fear or worry. You might find yourself feeling lighter or stronger and more rooted.

We naturally ground when we sit on the Earth, sit on or hold a rock, listen to running water, or even sit on a toilet.

After a while, many people notice that with the simple act of consciously taking a deep breath that they have automatically grounded themselves. As you continue reading, check in periodically to your grounding cord. Pay attention to how and what you are feeling.

Questions to Ask Your Practitioner

  1. What is your practitioner’s intervention rate for the following interventions: C-section, induction, epidural, forceps, vacuum-assisted delivery, episiotomy?

  2. How many people does your provider share calls with?

  3. What are the intervention rates for the other practitioners who take calls and could be at your birth?

  4. What are the intervention rates for the location where you’ll be giving birth?

From the Coalition to Improve Maternity Services.

Connecting with Mama and Papa Bear Wisdom

Let’s go inside to connect with your Mama and Papa Bear wisdom—the inner part of you who knows how to optimally navigate your personal path.

If the answers to these questions come from your head, that is most likely not your Mama or Papa Bear wisdom speaking with you. The language of intuitive knowing is not logical. The more you approach this with amusement, and have fun with it like a game, the easier the answers will flow. A fear message from your brain is not the authentic answer.

Our intuitive knowing often comes as a strong and persistent knowing: a feeling somewhere in your body, such as in your gut or your womb; a whisper or a strong sense; or feelings of warmth or cold.

Take your time with these questions. You might want to ask them one at a time, or go through the entire list. Take time between questions to draw your understanding of your messages.

Start by grounding.

Be aware of your body and how it feels. Be aware of your breath.

You may want to slightly unfocus your eyes, or even close them and have someone read the questions to you.

Invite your Mama or Papa Bear wisdom to join in conversation. Say hello, and thank him or her for coming forward. Ask him or her:

What do you need?

What do you know or want to share with me?

Where do you reside?

What signal do you like to use to get my attention?

Is there a way that I can I quickly connect with you?

Do you have a name?

What conditions make it easier for you to connect with me?

What conditions help me to trust and hear you?

What gets in the way of the communication?

What can help to reestablish the connection?

How can I validate you?

Be patient with yourself. Some of the answers may come to you later, as your day unwinds, or in your dreams.

Complete this conversation as you would any other. Agree to another time when you will reconnect.

Then open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings. Stretch and breathe.

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