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Author // Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

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Technology vs. Intuition

For centuries, women’s intuition was respected as a vital contribution to the health and well-being of their families. Personal experience through pregnancy and birth led us to trust the body’s natural processes. Our ability to bond with our children gave us great insight into the physical and emotional needs of our families. Women’s ability to seek guidance from that quiet place within was honored.

In recent years, technology has seemingly replaced women’s wisdom in making family health decisions. It is not so much that the voice of intuition has stopped speaking to us; it is more accurate to say that its validity is being disregarded by our high-tech society. We have been led from trusting the natural process and hearing its internal messages to looking outside ourselves for support and guidance.

Birth can be one of a woman’s most gratifying experiences, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The very wisdom of creation comes into fruition. Birth is our gift, our privilege, our very potential for growth in motherhood. When we are allowed to follow the internal rhythms of birthing with confidence and trust, we experience the passionate expression of the life force.

Today, however, the birth process has turned into a technological maneuver. Women are forced to comply with someone else’s procedure and schedule. Women are put into positions which defy normal physiological function, impairing the natural momentum. These unnecessary restrictions in birth make women feel afraid and powerless. Fear shuts down the process both psychologically and physically. It actually constricts blood vessels and contracts muscles. This leads to greater pain and longer, less productive labors. The origin of these procedures had nothing to do with being better for the mom or baby, and yet their practice is largely unquestioned.

More often than not, drugs are used to ease pain, further impairing the mother’s physical strength and uterine function. She’s not told that the drugs can harm her child’s developing organs, nerve system and even intelligence. Women tell me they were never informed that the use of anesthesia is the third leading cause of maternal fatality. Nor are they told that the drugs will actually disconnect her from the natural process and her ability to intuitively participate in it.

When there is disconnect between mother and baby, delivery becomes more laborious and the use of force is instituted to extract the baby. Then, adding insult to injury, the baby is whisked away, separated from the comfort of its mother to be probed and poked at instead of nurtured and gently welcomed.

Because of drugs, maternal positions, and lack of respect for a normal body process, women experience undue pain and complications. Undue force and stress has become routine in our modern birthing techniques. Obstetric text books and teaching videos show that most current, normal birthing procedures use excessive amounts of force. Frequently, doctors will grasp the baby’s head and use unnecessary force in delivery. Any force applied to the baby’s fragile neck may cause nerve system stress to his spinal cord and nerves. This injury has lifelong consequences.

Systems in Harmony

For years I collected videos of our patients’ births. I was often appalled by the undue force and twisting applied to the infant’s fragile spine. A significant study done by German researcher G. Gutmann showed that more than 80 percent of the 1,000 infants he examined shortly after birth suffered various health problems because of injury to the nerves in their necks. I now can recognize that in addition to spinal nerve impairment, the social vagus (as described by Porges) is probably undergoing significant injury as well. What I have observed in practice since 1981 is that specific, gentle adjustments to these areas restore health in these children.

Clinically, what chiropractors find is significant tension in the infant’s spine and cranium; when applying a very gentle, light touch adjustment to the upper neck, we witness the baby’s normal function restored. Reducing interference to the nerve system has an effect on all systems and functions. My more than 30 years in practice have shown me the amazing healing power that is unleashed when the nerve system is freed to function as it was designed to.

The nerve system is the key to health! It coordinates all of the body’s systems. Every function depends upon the nerve system to send vital messages from the brain throughout the body. The heart beats because nerve impulses tell it to. The lungs breathe because the nerves are communicating. Digestion works more efficiently with a good nerve supply. And yes, our immune systems function better when our nerves are free of interference. New studies are recognizing that the nerve system and immune system are so directly connected that each is inherently dependent upon the other for proper function.

All systems, all functions, and all coordination in the body depend on a healthy, functional nerve system. A person’s overall well-being is dependent upon its performance. When our nerve system is impaired, our health is directly affected. Our bodies then manifest a state of dis-ease—a lack of wellness. These areas of spinal nerve stress interfere with the nerve system’s ability to transmit vital impulses to all body systems. It’s kind of like being hooked up to the Internet with a broken modem. We have all the latest information we could want, but no way to access it!

Dorland’s medical dictionary defines health as a state of physical, emotional and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. Blocking this vital information affects all those aspects of wellness.

Doctors of chiropractic get to the cause of dis-ease. Using specific and gentle techniques, they restore nerve system function by repairing those “electrical shorts” in the spinal and cranial nerves. This results in a greater state of health and well-being.

Additionally, doctors of chiropractic offer supportive, holistic care, respecting and honoring the body’s natural ability to heal and function. The philosophy of care is based on normalizing the person’s inherent ability to function as it is designed to. Supportive care providers, renewed trust in the body, and the whole-health benefits of chiropractic are being recognized as vital ingredients to a healthier pregnancy, easier birth and a forthcoming lifestyle of family well-being.

Spend a moment reflecting on the evolution of life itself. The magnificence of creation is beyond our ability to comprehend. Then take a moment to think about the amazing functions of your body which are happening every second of your existence. Try to fathom their magnificent orchestration. Old cells are dying and are being replaced with vibrant new cells. Circulation, respiration, digestion and elimination are all working together in harmony for the good of the whole organism. Every part of your body is performing a function so intricate and imperative in its relationship to the whole. Think about what you ate for lunch yesterday. Today, the inner intelligence of your body is taking those various ingredients and turning them into living, loving, thinking cells. The expression of life and the harmonious way it works in our bodies is truly amazing.

An Enlightened Outlook

Brilliant works in science come from those who have respect for the wisdom in natural law. For example, Einstein offered modern science a profound outlook. He said, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that wisdom is present in the laws of the universe.” He combined the search for truth with this enlightened belief. David Bohm termed this intelligence “implicit order.” In chiropractic we refer to the existence of a universal intelligence. Science from this premise expands our perspective for greater appreciation, respect and trust in this wisdom.

Mothers, in particular, have experienced the miracle of this inner wisdom—it grew our children from two small cells into the wonderful beings they are today. Think about it: One small sperm cell and one small egg cell united. Together they grew, and in about 265 days, they formed the amazing totality of it all— the human being! There was no outside help, advice or direction—only the intelligence within orchestrated this miraculous process.

Moms, I invite you to continue to strengthen your trust in the body’s innate intelligence. As guardians of our children’s future, it behooves us to seek ways to enhance our families’ natural health potential by improving the body’s normal function right from the start. Your choices in pregnancy, birth and throughout your children’s lives will be expressed for generations to come.

Most children born in the western world today have experienced unnecessary trauma to their tiny spines and delicate nerve systems. This insidious damage, if left uncorrected, will lead to continued malfunction in our children’s nerve systems and impair their overall health. It makes practical sense to undergo chiropractic care to ensure our bodies are working optimally throughout pregnancy in preparation for a safer, easier birth. Then, right after birth, it is logical to have our baby’s spine checked by a doctor of chiropractic who sees children.

Mothers, you are the ones who make a difference in your family’s health and well-being. You alone know the stresses your family has gone through, and now you know the lifelong damage these stresses cause. It is no coincidence that the first, and often greatest, cause of nerve system stress in our society—the birth process— is also where women’s intuitive powers have been squelched the most.

As mothers, it is up to us to lead our families to health. Inherently, we have a great respect for the wisdom within, because we are most familiar with its inner promptings and guidance. What is so special about chiropractic is that its basic premise includes regaining trust and assurance in the body’s inner wisdom. Doctors of chiropractic guide their practice members to depend on and trust this inner wisdom. They encourage people to trust and respect the body’s innate healing capacity once the nerve system stress has been addressed. Not only do they reconnect their patients with this inner intelligence through the physical adjustment, they also support parents’ need to follow their own gut instincts when making health choices for their families. In chiropractic there is a deep respect of an innate intelligence and the possibility of true health and well-being.

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