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How to Slash National Healthcare Costs by 90% Through Education , Nutrition , and a Ban on Junk Food Marketing
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One way to battle that is to run public service announcements that counter the hype with the truth about health and nutrition. Of course, doing so will cost taxpayer dollars, but it will also serve as an investment and ultimately will save billions of dollars in long-term healthcare costs. Remember, investing in prevention is money well spent at both the personal level and national level.

Another fantastic idea for improving the nutrition and health of our nation is to end the subsidies on corn and sugar. There’s no reason why corn and sugar need to be subsidized in this country. By subsidizing them, we are only making these food ingredients cheaper. And since ingredients derived from these products (including high-fructose corn syrup) are precisely the ones that promote obesity and chronic disease, we are actually making the consumption of foods that promote disease more affordable to the average citizen.

This is economic insanity. If anything, we should be making unhealthy foods more expensive to create a disincentive to their purchase. We should immediately end the subsidies (corporate welfare) to Big Sugar. We should stop subsidizing the growing of corn. By doing so, we will make healthy foods more attractive to consumers while reducing the consumption of foods made from corn syrup and added sugars.

Another idea for enhancing the nutrition of the nation is to create incentives that reward good nutritional strategies among the public. One idea would be to have insurance rebates for people who attain and maintain certain health milestones. For example, if a person can get less than 15 percent body fat, or get their cholesterol less than 130, or maintain a healthy body weight, they should have rebates on their insurance compared with people who choose not to follow healthy lifestyles. This would create a financial incentive for people to pursue healthful dietary and exercise strategies.

The long-term result is that everyone’s insurance rates would go down, because healthy people cost a lot less in terms of medical expenses. They don’t need as much surgery, they don’t need medical care, and they don’t need vast quantities of the expensive prescription drugs that are largely responsible for driving up health insurance costs today.

There are many other fantastic ideas out there. Presented here are just a few of the really good ideas that, if implemented, could save us billions of dollars as a nation. We would have far greater productivity. We would all live longer, and have a higher quality of life. We would even have lower crime rates, due to better balance of mental function—especially among young males who are highly susceptible to behavioral disorders associated with the consumption of refined carbohydrates.

As a nation, we could invest a few pennies in prevention and save hundreds of dollars in medical costs. We could significantly cut the cost of treating our nation’s health disorders. We could slash the number of people who are diagnosed with chronic disease. We could end our dependence on the drugs hyped by the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. All that is required is for us to have the courage to do what is right. And that is to outlaw the sale and marketing of foods that promote disease, to invest in teaching the public the fundamentals of nutrition, to overhaul our medical schools so that doctors are taught the basics of nutrition, and to reform the nutritional strategies pursued by public schools and hospitals.

If we are going to be a healthy, vibrant nation, this is what we’re going to have to do. Should we follow the current path being pursued—the path of chronic disease, obesity, and skyrocketing medical costs associated with the treatment of disease symptoms—we will end up sick and bankrupt. We will be a nation of poverty and disease rather than the nation of health and wealth we could create if we had the courage to make the right decisions today.

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